The Beauty and Versatility of Metal Clay

Metal clay is a unique and innovative material used in jewelry making and other forms of metalwork. It is composed of very small particles of metal—usually silver, gold, copper, or bronze—mixed with an organic binder and water. This combination creates a malleable, clay-like substance that can be shaped, molded, and sculpted like traditional clay.

The process of working with metal clay is very much like modern alchemy. First a design is created, and then it is realized by shaping and forming the clay. Some gemstones can withstand high temperatures, and these may be set in the wet clay at this time. Next the piece is dried fully and then fired at high temperatures with a torch or in a kiln.  During the firing process, the piece transforms into a pure metal item, as the metal particles fuse together. The fired piece can then be polished, textured, and further refined.

Lorna primarily uses silver clay, which is made with reclaimed / recycled silver particles. After firing, the handmade piece is 99.9% pure elemental silver.

Metal clay provides a unique medium to bring your creative visions to life in the form of beautiful, custom-designed metal jewelry. Please contact us if you would like to commission a custom piece or learn about how to use this versatile and beautiful technique.