About Lorna Herf

Lorna discovered the pure joy of forming metal as a child, slipping a penny on a train track and waiting for the train to squish it into a flatted oval – worthless forevermore as currency, but now containing the power of a whole train.

Aside from her career in software, researching color, brightness, and timing of light and how it affects living things, Lorna has spent years training as a fine art painter, learning technical skills as well as expression, and studying with realist and abstract artists. Lorna returned to her early fascination with the magic of gemstones and gemology, and shifted her focus to work with physical materials.  Light remains a central interest to her work, whether it be depicting shadows on a painted canvas or using the physical property of metals to create a special visual effect in jewelry. 

In her metal work, Lorna primarily uses copper, silver, gold and gemstones. Her fine art jewelry bridges traditional fabrication techniques (from the 1800s and earlier) and contemporary style to create modern treasures. Connecting her interests in visual arts with metals, Lorna has recently incorporated enamels into her work.

Lorna’s artwork is designed and fabricated at her studio in Los Angeles, California.

University of Massachusetts, Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies, Certificate in Design

CPAA Certified Pearl Specialist